Elliott Bay Design Group offers naval architecture, marine engineering, electrical engineering, and production support services to owners, operators, and shipyards across the country. Our mission is to help our clients provide safe and efficient transportation of people and cargo with minimal impact to the environment. In doing so, we seek the best combination of service, quality, and innovation to meet the needs of each client. Our dedicated team brings a focus on service and professionalism to every project. We are passionate about our work and committed to our clients’ success.

partnership with AMD

We are now the North American representative for AMD Marine Consulting designs. Since 1989, AMD has specialized in the development of superior high-speed vessel designs. Their range of conventional and wave piercing catamarans out perform other high-speed vessels, providing a competitive advantage for ferry operators. The efficient and reliable high-speed catamaran hull forms are ideal for military and paramilitary vessels, as well as fisheries patrol and rescue vessels.