Elliott Bay Design Group (EBDG) is a full-service, employee-owned naval architecture and marine engineering firm that supports owners, operators and shipyards. Our team of naval architects, engineers, designers, certified weld inspectors, and analysts have expertise with designing vessels and marine facilities, providing engineering support for fleets of vessels and analyzing the feasibility of marine transportation.

Our mission is to help our clients provide safe and efficient transportation of people and cargo with minimal impact on the environment. In doing so, we seek the best combination of service, quality and innovation to deliver designs that are better to build and better to operate.

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Favorite - Bow Underway

EBDG designed the double-ended Ollis Class ferries for New York City Department of Transportation | Staten Island Ferry. The 320′ SSG MICHAEL H. OLLIS, named in honor of a fallen war-hero, was recognized as WorkBoat’s 2021 Boat of the Year. Three vessels of this design will be built by Eastern Shipbuilding Group. Each ferry has capacity for 4,500 passengers and features the latest marine technology, popular design elements of past Staten Island Ferries, and new customer-service amenities. The ferries provide service between Staten Island and Lower Manhattan in New York, transporting passengers free of charge.

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Triple Jet Gillnetter

EBDG and Cummins collaborated to design this 32′ x 20′ ultra-shallow, triple jet gillnetter specifically for Bristol Bay.  The vessel is capable of making 20 knots with 20,000-pound fish capacity. The vessel is equipped with the latest technology, safety features and propulsion.

More Fishing Projects

Hydrogen One Underway Smaller

EBDG has partnered with Maritime Partners, e1 Marine and ABB to design and build the industry’s first IMO 2030 compliant long-range towboat. e1 Marine’s patented reformer technology converts methanol to hydrogen directly onboard the vessel to eliminate the fuel transfer and storage complications associated with all other low carbon emission alternatives.

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