weld services

EBDG employs professionally licensed engineers who are also certified welding inspectors (CWI) through the American Welding Society (AWS). This combination of theoretical knowledge and practical experience is an extremely powerful resource. Our team has demonstrated excellence in both aluminum and steel structure welding.

Additionally, one of our senior engineers is a current member and past chairman of the ASTM Marine Aluminum Committee. He was instrumental in writing the ASM B928 standard for marine aluminum.

  • New build & repair weld inspections
  • Development of welding procedures
  • Optimized pre- and post-weld heat treatment
  • Focus on long term structure quality (Better to Operate) along with design for producibility (Better to Build)
  • USCG and ABS approved structure repair plans
  • Forensic analysis of structural failures
  • Thermal/structural Finite Element Analysis of welding heat input and distortion prediction
  • Work in tandem with shipyard QA/QC personnel as onsite Owner’s Representatives
  • Practical welding experience at all stages of vessel design

aluminum and steel weld inspections