consulting services

EBDG provides its clients with a wide-range of consulting services. As naval architects and marine engineers, we perform all aspects of vessel design and engineering including shipyard level engineering, production planning, and quality control. This experience translates to a thorough understanding of the operational and business issues involved in vessel service and allows our team to offer a variety of consulting services.

  • Ferry Transportation Studies
  • Operational and Capital Cost Analysis
  • Functional Analysis of Vessel Maintenance and Operation
  • Price Elasticity Analysis
  • Market Research
  • Rate and Crewing studies
  • Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) evaluations
  • Waterborne Transportation Feasibility Studies

To support these efforts EBDG has created ShipCalc, our proprietary modeling software which assesses the capital and operational costs of different vessel scenarios identified by service and implementation strategies. Using physics-based design principals to model vessel performance and capacity, we help customers evaluate a variety of marine transportation challenges.

EBDG is also skilled in the area of Public Process and have assisted public ferry agencies with the development of a public process to inform citizens and garner their consent for a new operation.

Whether as the Prime or as a sub-consultant on a team, EBDG brings a broad base of knowledge to ensure project success.