Vessel design objectives seem, at times, to be in opposition to each other. It’s only through close study with the proper tools, experience, and planning that the optimum solution can present itself. EBDG provides our clients with a wide range of analysis services. The art and science of naval architecture is governed by the environments of vessel operations, government regulations, shipyard capabilities, and economic objectives.

We help our customers navigate through the competing factors, using the latest in state-of-the-art tools, selectively applied. To support waterborne transportation studies, EBDG has created ShipCalc, a proprietary modeling software that assesses the capital and operational costs of different vessel scenarios as identified by service and implementation strategies. Using physics-based design principals to model vessel performance and capacity, we help customers evaluate a variety of marine transportation challenges.

EBDG’s analysis services include:

Finite Element Analysis (learn more)

  • Dynamic Loads
  • Spectral Fatigue
  • Mooring
  • Non-Linear Materials
  • Non-Linear Buckling
  • Explicit Dynamics
  • Rigid Body Dynamics
  • Composites
  • Thermal
  • Thermal-Structural Coupled
  • Modal
  • Harmonic Response
  • Structural Fatigue

Seakeeping and Hydrodynamics Analysis

  • Time and Frequency Domain
  • 3D Non-Linear Panel Method
  • Multi-Body Interaction
  • Mooring and Fender Forces
  • Towing Response

Computational Fluid Dynamics Analysis (learn more)

  • Still Water Resistance
  • Hull Optimization
  • Appendage Alignment
  • 6 Degree of Freedom Motions
  • Ventilation
  • Gas Dispersion
  • Superstructure Aerodynamics

Additional Analyses

  • Electrical Power Loads
  • Arc Flash
  • Propulsion System
  • Stability Support
  • Waterborne Transportation
  • Forensic Investigations
  • Risk Assessment
  • Maintenance Management Studies
  • Failure Modes and Effects
  • Operational and Capital Cost
  • Emission Studies and Energy Audits
  • Environmental Application Cost-Benefit