3D scanning

Elliott Bay Design Group utilizes 3D scanning to support a variety of services to exceed our clients’ expectations.  3D scanning is a valuable tool used to gather a wealth of data with ultimate accuracy.  Its result is an effective visual communication aid that vessel owners, operators and shipyards can use to make better, more informed decisions.  Additionally, it gives our engineers the ability to evaluate data and solve problems more precisely.  EBDG is committed to incorporating advanced technology and design approaches to increase our efficiencies and engineering solutions for our clients.

Our 3D scanning services can support:

  • Exterior hull scanning
  • Interior layout
  • Piping systems modifications
  • Structural modifications
  • As-Built drawing development
  • Hull model development
  • Vessel stability documentation
  • Vessel repowers
  • Ballast water treatment installations
  • Equipment removal and replacement interferences
  • Lines Plan
  • Walk-through capability

interior vessel scan

scanning examples