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Advancing Low- and Zero-Emission Marine Vessel Technology Options Workshop

Transportation Research Circular August 2022 – Number E-C279


Arc Flash in Marine Installations

The technical paper introduces the basics of the arc flash danger and how arc flash hazard reports and equipment labeling protects workers
by Will Ayers, PE and Taylor Herinckx, PE


Vessel Inspection and Condition Reports

A key effort to ensure the expected life of a vessel is regular condition monitoring
by John Waterhouse, PE


Weld Engineering and Inspection

EBDG’s weld procedure saves construction time and cost, reducing downtime


Hull Optimization for Avalon Freight Services

Hull optimization improves vessel performance


Navigating the Pandemic Sea

Safely operating passenger vessels during a pandemic


Scanning the Horizon for New Technologies? 3D is Already Aboard

Realizing the power of 3D Technology onboard vessels


The Virtual Walk-Through

Virtual Reality as a valuable tool in ship design allowing naval architects and owners to experience the space in advance of final design


Hydrogen-Powered Passenger Vessels

Sandia looks at optimization of hydrogen-powered passenger ferries
by Michael Padilla, Sandia Lab News


Revolutionizing Deep Offshore Wind Turbines

A concrete floating foundation offering durability and scalability would support three generations of generators
by Andy Filak and John Reeves, PE


Staten Island Ferry Design

Using Big Data to Determine New Vessel Design Speed
by Kurtis Jankowski, PE


Vessels & Landings

Developed & Developing World presented at the 2016 Ferry Safety & Technology Conference
by John Waterhouse, PE


Payback of Lithium-Ion Batteries

Comparative Payback of Lithium-Ion Batteries for Pacific NW Ferries
by Will Ayers, PE


Fuel Cell Feasibility Study

Feasibility of the SF-BREEZE: a Zero-Emission, Hydrogen Fuel Cell, High-Speed Passenger Ferry
by Joseph W. Pratt and Leonard E. Klebanoff


Public Process

Success Through Public Process
by Matt Williamson, PMP & Christina Villiott, CPSM