The Hydrogen Fueled Ferry

Published in Foghorn Magazine, July 2017
by John Waterhouse, PE, PMP, FSNAME, Chief Concept Engineer
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Staten Island Ferry

Ollis Class Double-Ended Passenger Ferry Design for Staten Island Ferry
by Patrick D. Faas, Kurt A. Jankowski, Michael E. Johnson, Matthew J. Wichgers, Matthew Williamson
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EBDG’s PSV & DS Design Videos

EB-200DS – Dive Support Vessel
EB-250EA – Platform Supply Vessel
EB-270EA – Platform Supply Vessel

Green Tugs

Being Environmentally-Friendly Through Design, Construction And Operation
by John W. Waterhouse, PE
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Island Home Design

Tradition and Innovation: The Design of the Ferry Island Home
by Douglas M. Wolff, PE
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Green Vessel Design

Guiding Principles for Environmental Best-Practices through Design,  USCG Proceedings
by Mr. Brian W. King, PE, Vice President of Engineering Mr. Joseph E. Payne, PE, LEED-AP Senior Electrical Engineer Mr. Ryan Roberts, PE, Naval Architect Ms. Christina Villiott, CPSM, Director of Marketing
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Double‐Ended Ferry Design

50 Years of Double‐Ended Ferry Design
by John W. Waterhouse, PE
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Galley News You Can Use

10 Keys to A Successful Shipbuilding Project
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Collaboration: The Key to Successful Vessel Delivery
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Purpose-Built Boats with Better Performance
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