published articles

The Data Barge

Silicon Valley meets maritime in the making of a barge-based data center
by Michael Complita, PE, Jim Connaughton


Making the Case for Hybrid Water Taxis

Water taxis are a vibrant, growing sector of the passenger vessel industry
by John Waterhouse, PE, Catherine Hale


Designing the Deck

Selecting the right deck machinery for your vessel
by John Reeves, PE, Reg Wren, PE


Moving to All-Electric

Washington State Ferries looks to the future
by Will Ayers, PE, Stephen Gleaves, Eben Phillips


Modernizing a Fishing Vessel for Optimal Performance

O’Hara Corporation modernizes their 204′ factory trawler, ALASKA SPIRIT
by John Waterhouse, PE


Ferries and Electricity – Some Recent Insights

Ferry operators seek feasibility study of electric propulsion
by John Waterhouse, PE, Eileen Tausch, PE


The Hydrogen Fueled Ferry

Assessing the possibilities of a hydrogen-fueled ferry
by John Waterhouse, PE


Staten Island Ferry

Ollis Class Double-Ended Passenger Ferry Design for Staten Island Ferry
by Patrick Faas, Kurt Jankowski, PE, Michael Johnson, PE, Matthew Wichgers, PE, Matthew Williamson


10 Lessons Learned from 30+ Years

Passenger Vessel Design & Engineering
by Christina Villiott, CPSM


Green Tugs

Being Environmentally-Friendly through Design, Construction and Operation
by John Waterhouse, PE


Island Home Design

Tradition and Innovation: The Design of the Ferry Island Home
by Douglas Wolff, PE


Green Vessel Design

Guiding Principles for Environmental Best-Practices through Design,  USCG Proceedings
by Brian King, PE, Joseph Payne, PE, Ryan Roberts, PE, Christina Villiott, CPSM


Double Ended Ferry Design

50 Years of Double‐Ended Ferry Design
by John Waterhouse, PE