m/v hydrogen one

methanol reformer hydrogen powered towboat

Elliott Bay Design Group has partnered with Maritime Partners, e1 Marine and ABB to design and build the industry’s first IMO 2030 compliant long-range towboat. e1 Marine’s patented reformer technology converts methanol to hydrogen directly onboard the vessel to eliminate the fuel transfer and storage complications associated with all other low carbon emission alternatives.

Features and Capabilities:

  • 550 mile / 4 day range between refueling
  • Scalable from 1,700 hp to 3,500 hp
  • Refuel safely and conveniently virtually anywhere
  • 24-hour zero emission standby
  • No shorepower connection required
  • L-drive propulsion for optimal maneuverability

The vessel meets USCG Subchapter M requirements and has an operational range of 550 miles before the need to refuel.

industry collaboration

Hydrogen Tug - All Logos

The world’s first methanol-fueled towboat, M/V HYDROGEN ONE, will soon join the Maritime Partners’ fleet. The vessel was designed by Elliott Bay Design Group using proven, efficient technology throughout, including ABB’s electrical power distribution and automation to e1 Marine’s methanol-to-hydrogen fuel cell.

vessel flyover

e1 Marine’s patented reformer converts methanol to hydrogen directly onboard the M/V HYDROGEN ONE.

isometric logic diagram

Inside look at the machinery spaces onboard the M/V HYDROGEN ONE. Converting methanol to hydrogen reduces the carbon output and the reformer technology eliminates the complexities of direct fueling and storage of hydrogen.